Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

14C is an Important Option

Eliminating 14C would be a terrible option. It allows employers to provide employment for those who will be stuck at home without this program. We have seen this occurring since the changes in WOIA. Employment is down for those who were in the Sheltered Workshop environment but it has not increased in the other areas. People are employed but at fewer hours and higher cost to tax payers.


14C allows those Disabled individuals who chose to work options for employment. Granted they are paid on a scale comparable to their skill level. It helps them and the employer stay competitive to employ people. It allows for 30 hours of social time at work, contact with non family members, friendships that last years. a sense of self worth. There are countless benefits to being employed. I think it is important to maintain 14 C as an option. There are some valid point regarding 14 C in reading some of the comments. I think there are underlying issues in some of those comments. I believe that 14C is a positive for our disable community. I have been associated with Sheltered Workshops for over 14 years and the positives out weigh the negatives in all of my experiences.


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Idea No. 454