Use of Section 14(c) certificates and observed trends

14c is needed

Doing away with an option just doesn't make sense. 14c is needed just the same as why the Special Olympics is. There seems to be certain voices saying that paying a honest wage for your productivity is not dignified because these programs who utilize 14c in part segregates one from the community because they work with their peers and earn what they produce. Well where is the outcry about the Special Olympics then? Is that not a program that is segregated just for individuals with disabilities? So shouldn't we be saying they should just be participating with the elite world athletes since its undignified to have a special program. Yes, they should try out next to those individuals and compete....that's far more dignified. Come on. where has the common sense gone. Companies don't keep employees without disabilities who don't produce or perform at the expected performance level, why would they keep someone with a disability to do so?

Just as the Special Olympics allows individual to participate with their peers, 14c allows a choice to make a paycheck.


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