Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

Accomodate both 14(c) and minimim wage workforce

I work for an agency who has a 14(c) certificate, and have worked here for over 20 years. We continue to provide innovative programming for individuals who require a higher level of care. High level of care being defined as, total dependence for all self-care activities, including being repositioning every two hours with a lift system. We offer paid work with our 14(c) certificate in the area of data entry, and packaging of parts. Our data entry work provides computers, and any adaptive equipment needed for that person to access the computer to complete paid work. With that said, our individuals are very happy with the opportunity to work, make friends, and earn a paycheck. When working, their ability to enter data is very slow, but as long as it is completed, that is a success. In most cases, businesses would not pay them to work a minimum wage rate for their pace of work, when someone can do it 7- 10x faster. I am not saying I agree with this attitude, but it is out there. So, keep the 14(c) certificate for those who can hold a job, that is meaningful to them which in turns increases their quality of life. We have over 100 people working in the community under our supported employment program. These individuals made the choice to work, and meet the all the standards for that career path. They are provided job coaching support to meet all expectations of that job description. There are some individuals with disabilities who can/will meet all requirements for a community, minimum wage job, but there some who most likely will not meet those expectations, but can work, and earn paycheck under the 14(c) certificates. Lets accommodate both settings, so every person with a disability has the chance to live a meaningful life based on their definition of happiness.


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