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Center for Disability Rights Legislative Policy Statement

The Center for Disability Rights supports legislation that would disallow disabled people employed by "charitable" organizations from being paid a subminimum wage. Below is our legislative policy statement on the issue:


End Subminimum Wages for New Yorkers with Disabilities A7077 (Steck)/ S4018 (Skoufis)

Federal law allows organizations holding Department of Labor 14(c) certificates to pay workers with disabilities pennies per hour. The Legislature must end the discriminatory practice of paying disabled people a subminimum wage. We have been ignored while the minimum wage has been raised for everyone else. People receiving a subminimum wage are typically segregated from society in sheltered workshops. Our labor is exploited by agencies as we are forced to perform production style work. The U.S. Supreme Court Olmstead decision held that people with disabilities have the right to live and receive services in the most integrated

setting. CMS is requiring states to transition to more integrated models of services, but many organizations in New York still pay disabled people a subminimum wage. Not only do we have the right to be paid a minimum

wage like our nondisabled peers, there are integrated, dignified models of employment available. Send a strong message to organizations that still engage in this shameful practice and vote for this bill to end subminimum



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