Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

Concern about shutting down programs

When my son's employer transitioned to minimum wage pay, the program was required to shut down in a couple years due to lack of funds. Many people lost their jobs after working there for many years, even decades. It was very sad.

I understand about folks needing an income that helps out with their daily living expenses, therefore the need for minimum wage. There are people who are very capable of working at the productivity level of a nondisabled worker if given accommodations.

But there are also individuals who just cannot function in a mainstream work situation. They deserve a job just like everyone else.

If there was a way to better fund programs so that the cost of paying individuals minimum wage didn't put them out of business, I would be all for it.

There should be both programs...subminimum and minimum wage. There are varying factors.


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