Use of Section 14(c) certificates and observed trends

Doing away with Section 41(c)

I believe that Section 14(c) is a disservice to individuals with disabilities and it should be eliminated or at least amended to require equal pay that other workers receive. These individuals should be paid equitable wages just like any other employed worker. I am a family member of multiple individuals who have constantly been faced with challenges of not being able to show what they are capable of accomplishing. If we continue to regard them as not "equal" to others, they are never allowed to show their full worth. By paying them subpar wages, we are once again telling them that we don't value their input to society. When they are paid a fraction of minimum wage, they don't earn enough to cover even basic expenses. As strongly as our government officials feel about not having to provide so much assistance to all sectors of society, then they should consider requiring higher wages for people with disabilities, so that they are not having to rely on as much "help" from the government. I feel that too many people have the idea that these individuals will continue to live with their family members and thus will not need the income. For those that are able to live on their own, these extremely low wages don't help in getting them to be able to be self sufficient. Let's help them foster their self worth by not allowing employers to pay them with such substandard wages.


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