Use of Section 14(c) certificates and observed trends

Easy to Say End 14c When it Doesn't Affect You or Your Family

I'm really disheartened to see all of the comments about how evil 14C is from people who have no skin in the game. It's easy to sit there and say everyone should be paid equally when you don't have a severe disability, or a family member with one, or own your own business that provides lots of jobs at equal pay for people with severe disabilities.


My brother has a 1st grade reading level, poor eye-hand coordination, bi-polar disorder and poor fine motor skills. He can perform basic tasks but needs direction, he lacks the judgement necessary to identify what should be done next or to problem solve. He can (and has) worked part time in minimum wage entry level jobs, and also in sheltered workshops.


In the minimum wage jobs he has been teased and picked on by some coworkers, and was frequently frustrated when he couldn't perform some tasks well enough for the manager. He didn't socialize with coworkers outside of work and often didn't want to go to work.


At the sheltered workshops he has made friends, socialized with coworkers, felt accepted and even superior to others at some tasks. He looks forward to going to work and feeling good about himself.


My brother doesn't care if he makes $50 or $500, he's just proud to have a paycheck and his own hard earned money.

In the minimum wage jobs he started with 20 hours per week and his hours were steadily reduced until he was working just 8 hours per week.


Sheltered employment provides him with over 30 hours of work per week, along with counseling, coaching, training, social activities and a sense of accomplishment, community and acceptance.


That's worth way more than minimum wage.


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