Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

Freedom to pursue "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"

I am a guardian AND an employment specialist that job coaches those that are READY and CHOOSE to move on to "integrated" employment .... you say that 14 c is unjust??? If a fellow job coach was paid the same wage as me... but did not have the abilities to support what we do... I would never say... they shouldn't be allowed to do the job... I would welcome their input... and hopefully we would both get paid according to our ability to help others transition..which in other words is considered "incentive" ...many jobs only pay what they feel the job itself is worth and how much a person can accomplish while on the clock! Why do we have to assume that ... that sub minimum wages are not fair!!!?? Google what vocational time studies means... to be honest maybe more businesses need to pay according to employee input and accomplishment ... therefore we would have a workforce of people that would actually try harder to succeed, show up, have passion, and pride in what they accomplish! I seriously think that this war against 14 c has not been thought thru.. OVERALL.. it is not about the college student with cerebral palsy.. or the Deaf adult that has the COGNITIVE ability to work on an equal basis...sub-minimum wages are for those With cognitive or physical disabilities that allow them to make a CHOICE to not have to conform with what is considered integrated or "normal" employment choices ... my clients have a voice! My sister has a voice! And if they feel they are being exploited or treated unjustly... I guarantee even the non verbal will voice their choice to be heard accordingly...


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