Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

Its not always easy but things worth doing usually are not trending idea

The agency I work for discontinued its certificate years ago and are glad that we did. We realized it did not hold true with our mission and vision. The transition was not easy. There were many conversations a head of time with supported individuals, businesses, families, staff and support teams. Most we just started paying minimum wage, a few businesses choose to let people go, so a few people ended up not having a job anymore. We supported those people to find another job or alternatives of their choosing. We had some experience with this level of change as we had eliminated our sheltered workshop over a decade before. Many of the same strategies used in transforming from sheltered work is the same for transition from a 14c certificate holder.

We are proud to say that Oregon has now passed a bill that will eliminate sub-minimum wage in our state.


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