Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

Job Coaching and Development extended based on individual need

We need an array of supports to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to reach there path to employment. That array should include at least a year follow along and Job development from state Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Many states such as Ohio limit that support to 90 day and that simple is not enough time for many folks with developmental disabilities. While on the other hand some state extent that frame to two years.


The Support Delivery system needs to account for the wide range of need that individuals with disabilities present and eliminating the 14(c) as options will force some to gain community employment while the vast majority of individuals will be forced to sit in habitation programs without the personal income to enjoy the full extent of their local communities. Most vocational Rehabilitation programs are not lasting lone enough to support the majority of individuals with developmental disabilities and as a result nationally employment rate of individuals with DD is less that 30%


Keep the 14(c) as an Option and regulate the abuser of the system to eliminate the bad things that have and continue to happen in a limited number of programs.


Awaiting Votes
Idea No. 2207