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Lori's Experience getting a great job at a bike shop.

Lori is one of the named plaintiffs in the Lane v. Brown case. Lori worked in a sheltered workshop with "a bunch of other people" where she made $2.34 an hour the month before the lawsuit was filed. Lori used Vocational Rehabilitation services, including Job Development and Job Coaching to get a community job that she loves.


Disability Rights Oregon interviewed her on June 17, 2019 about her experience in community employment. Lori works at a non-profit bike shop, Bikes4Humanity. Lori did a community based work assessment and on the job training at Bikes4Humanity before officially starting her job there in February 2018.


Lori loves her job at the bike shop. She said, "I like to work on bikes." She fixes bikes. She puts tires on them, fixes chains, and puts bells on them. Lori enjoys taking the bikes outside for display. She enjoys selling bike accessories too.


Most of all, Lori likes working with customers. She tells customers about the bikes. She usually sells three bikes a day. Lots of kids come into the bike shop. Lori especially likes it when kids come in.


Lori also enjoys being able to go to the shop next door to buy coffee.


Lori has a Job Coach who helps her.


Lori now makes $12.00 an hour – more than five times what she made in a workshop. She works two days a week. She likes the amount of money she's making, and likes the freedom to buy things she wants.


She was able to get her own tricycle from Bikes4Humanity. Lori rides about once a week.


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