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Mental Health Improves with Real Jobs and Real Wages

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Here's my story. I have autism. When I was first looking for a job, people told me I could only do volunteer work. When doctors and teachers have such low expectations of you, it leads to depression. It all changed when I moved upnorth when my confidence went completely up with a job at Nicolet college. I started to feel like I wasn't my disability and I was in a supportive environment. I could really see the change in my mindset and felt like I could conquer anything. I had my own money to spend on things to buy. Recently two friends of mine just got jobs in the community they went from being negative about themselves on Facebook feeling like they couldn't do anything to believing anything is possible. They love the job they have and talk about it all the time . I firmly believe jobs help depression and mental health. I have seen it proven time and time again. As for sub minimum wage, I have many friends who make sub minimum wage and unfortunately, they think so poorly of themselves which is very sad. I know if we get more jobs in the community we will see more happy people, more confidence and less mental health issues when they have adequate amount of money to spend. Please consider treating people like me when disabilities the same as everyone else in this world and allow for regular pay not any less that minimum wage.


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