Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

Michiganders with Disabilities Demand Action

My local Goodwill in Muskegon, Michigan went through the provider transformation initiative and when they were finished, they decided to continue paying subminimum wage and have no plans to change. 14(c) is working for everyone except the people who remain in segregated environments at discriminatory wages. I have seen Michiganders with disabilities financially exploited for decades on end, and our sheltered workshop industry is booming. Peckham, Inc. is expanding their operations to Flint with the assistance of our taxpayer-funded vocational rehabilitation system. The businesses exploiting our community will not stop willingly - the financial incentive is too great. If you intend to continue funding these initiatives, please require some type of assurance that the business will actually commit to changing their practices.


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Idea No. 372