Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

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More resources and supports are need to transition from 14c, and even 14c should remain an option. Many are not able to do other work than 14c. Let's make 14c an option for people, and not view it as a temporary stepping stone. Many people in our Ohio programs which pay under 14c are very happy. Most, via employment first have tried community jobs and it has not worked. Or they use it as stability in between jobs. The wonderful thing is that they have choices and can choose what job or program they like best and what works beat for their lives. When transitioning in Ohio, Opportunities for Ohioians with Diabilities (OOD) considers a job placement successfully closed if they reach 90 days and support is stopped. It is up to local support to provide assistance. Then, if a job is lost after 90 days and a new case is opened, that again is considered a successful placement.


With this, it is impossible to track how well people are doing with finding and keeping employment. More data needs to be collected on each person, not each placement. Just because someone works 1 hr per week does not mean it is successful. Also, 14c needs to remain an option as it is really tough for people to find jobs and be successful.


Why not keep all options and strive to develop the person for who they are, and not force them to work in community jobs. I have seen some people comment that workshops are more expensive than community employment, this may not be true. Typically, if people are presented all options and provided supports, the people with the highest needs may be the ones who prefer workshop services. In this case, it is a true service to those who would otherwise not be able to work in the community.


If we continue to offer all services, the people who can work in the community will be supported, just as the ones who choose 14c.


Personally, I know many people with disabilities who have only worked 1 day per week at a job, for about 4 hours. The rest of their time they like to attend a 14c program. Their employer will not give them more hours and they are unsuccessful at finding new employment.

14c and employment are both key services to offer. More support is needed in both.


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