Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

My Daughter Used to Have a Job

My 32 year old ID daughter worked on the "contract floor" at Goodwill in CT. It was perfect for her; she made $6-7 per hour and worked about 20 hours of the 30 hours she attended while I worked full-time. The work would change now and then and she loved it. The contract floor was shut down 2 years ago. Now she spends her time in "job training" (she already had a job that she could do), volunteer jobs (working for no money), community outings (aka food court at the mall) and having leisure activities (aka watching old videos)! The program is a total waste of her time because she is capable of working. They claim the goal is to get competitive employment and even if she did get hired somewhere she would have no way to get her to/from work not to mention that she would lose her day program funding and due to her lack of inhibition requires supervision and I have to go to work. This is a lose/lose situation. She used to feel good about herself because she had a job. In-house contract work is not slave labor; no one is forced to do it. Rather it is a necessary accommodation that permits a person with a disability to have a job like their non-disabled peers. Bring this back!


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