Use of Section 14(c) certificates and observed trends

Not So "Good" Will

Years ago, when I was working in post acute brain injury rehab, I sometimes accompanied clients to vocational rehabilitation appointments. I was employed as a therapist through Goodwill Industries, there were job developers available through Goodwill Industries, and those of us who cared about our clients would never encourage them to use our job developers if they wanted to work anywhere other than Goodwill Industries. Goodwill does a lot of good, but the idea that I could have steered my clients to use our developers, who would have then steered the clients to employment through Goodwill is pretty shady. The purpose of vocational rehabilitation is to help people get ready for and obtain, or retain, jobs through an Individualized Plan for Employment. As long as companies are making money on the backs of disabled workers, the incentive to consider the "individual" just isn't there. ALL individuals deserve access to competitive, integrated employment, and we need to get rid of outdated loopholes that incentivize anything else.


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