Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

Not for everyone

I have worked with individuals with disabilities for over 30 years and I have seen many trends and ideas over the years. From my personal experience I have seen individuals do wonderfully in a community placement, as well as some who, even with supports and a clear job description and duties out lined, fail. I have seen individuals have to quit community jobs because their income did not meet their basis needs of food, housing and medical cost. They have lost their benefits that had help support them. One program or idea doesn't fit all. There needs to be options. Someone who is not able to work in the community, due to behavior, slow work speed, poor quality, etc. still prefers to be a contributing member or society. Most of the individuals I am with every day are proud of their earnings, are proud that they can earn money to do preferred activities. To insist they go to a day program where they cannot earn money and work would do a disservice to them. To insist that everyone should work in the community regardless of disability is not realistic.


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