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Our Future-We Must Do Better

As the mother of a 5 year old daughter (with a disability) and her twin brother (without a disability), on the brink of entering kindergarten, I have so many dreams for their futures. I am excited about the endless possibilities that I believe can be and should be open to BOTH of them, regardless.


I believe that when, in 1938, Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act began, it was with positive intent. The intent to provide opportunities to individuals with disabilities to work for some form of a wage. But it is now 2019, and we know more and we know better, and therefore, we should act on that. There have been countless employment rights changes for individuals with disabilities, including the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, along with two executive orders signed in 2014. It is time to stop the outdated practice of paying individuals with disabilities sub-minimum wage.


In our community, my children and I encounter, on a daily basis, individuals with disabilities working and thriving in a variety of work environments: dance studio, coffee shop, grocery store, restaurants, fitness center. This can be done.


We know better so we must do better!


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