Use of Section 14(c) certificates and observed trends

Retain 14(c) as an Option

Section 14(c) is an open door for many in the community. I work for a CRP that strives to create jobs for adults with disabilities in our community. Many of our clients struggle to find robust, sustainable, and fulfilling work within the community at minimum wage. The jobs that are available for many of them only have enough work for a few hours a week, for a short period of time, or are not a good fit for the clients individual aspirations.

Retaining the opportunity that section 14(c) provides, enables our clients to supplement their work in the community with a robust, sustainable, and fulfilling environment in which they can achieve and excel to their individual potentials. Our clients share and celebrate with our community when they learn new skills or achieve their individual goals. Our clients take pride in the paychecks that they earn, knowing that they have earned it through their accomplishments.

As wages in our community rise, wages for our clients rise as well through Section 14(c). And while Section 14(c) is not the best option for everyone, countless people are able to benefit tremendously from the opportunities that it provides. Retaining Section 14(c) as a viable option is more than just wages, it is accomplishment, it is fulfillment, and it is freedom of choice.


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