Vision for the future of work and workplaces; the landscape over the next five to ten years

Support Economic Independence

End subminimum wage and segregation now. Everyone has skills and talent and can work. Match individuals' skills and interests to real jobs in the community. Everyone can benefit from work, especially employers. We have evidenced based practices, which show it can be done. Now we need to do it!

Competitive wages are the only route out of poverty and poverty is not what we want for people with disabilities.


It is a quality of life issue. People with disabilities have told us they WANT to work. We need to provide real opportunity for community engagement through real work.


Work Pays! Businesses should stop making money on the backs of people with disabilities by sending work to sheltered workshops and should instead hire individuals directly to work alongside their own employees earning proper wages for the work they do. This is the only way we will end dependence on public benefits and get people out of poverty. Real jobs, Real Wages.


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Idea No. 2330