Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

Surely you don't mean...yes I do!

I have done Technical Assistance to help organizations transitioning from Sheltered Workshops to community supported employment. Working in one organization I was told, "You don't understand we support people with (more barriers to employment) who have 10-12% productivity. Surely you don't expect employers to pay minimum wage or higher someone like that." I inquired if they had ever supported anyone that had low productivity on one contract and much higher productivity on another contract. He responded that yes, they had a woman that had been below 10% productivity for many years and then tried a new contract and was over 90% productivity on that job, so they were now looking for a community job for her. I commended the organization for looking for a job for her, but also explained that she ALWAYS had it in her to work at 90% or higher productivity, she just needed a job task that fit her skills. That is true for every person working under a 14(c) certificate. We just need to help them find the community employer that needs their skills and abilities.


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