Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates


We live in a rural area, as do millions of other people with disabled loved ones. Our autistic, visually disabled daughter will never be capable of driving. There is no public transportation. There are limited jobs that are suited for people without a college education. Of those jobs, the majority are cleaning or labor jobs. Not everyone can do those types of jobs, much less get to them. There is probably a 15-year-old in the community who can work twice as fast. My point is that there are not always appropriate jobs available to transition into, much less transportation available to get there. In outstate Minnesota, our DT&H programs provide a much-needed regional hub for productive activity and socialization for the significantly handicapped population. Without 14C, these programs will no longer be able to function, which basically shuts off this portion of our population to the rest of the world and to their peers. This is a travesty. Think it through before you vote! My autistic daughter would be ABSOLUTLY DEVASTATED if this happens. There are no jobs suited to meet her needs anywhere near our area. NO, not everyone can or should be forced to move.


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