Use of Section 14(c) certificates and observed trends

This program helps those who need it and it's voluntary!

My brother has worked at The Eisenhower Center for 35 years and loves it. He can not walk talk or hear, so what job is he realistically going to get to replace this job? He has a community and purpose there. The staff are fantastic and the programs they offer are more than work related-they are life related. No employer will pay people minimum wage who need assistance with eating lunch, taking medications and using the bathroom. This are voluntary programs, so those who can get a "real" job are groomed there to help them make that move. Why punish a group of people because there are some uneducated legislators who don't know the real value places like Eisenhower offer to the community? Do we want this population sitting at home and not contributing anything? Is this the America we want?


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