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I am a mother of an adult daughter with Autism. She stays home with me and does some of my typing because I do not want her in the local Habilitation Center, furthermore, I went to work there for two years as the Coordinator of Employment Services when I heard that they were reconstituting their Supportive Employment Program. This was after they received the notification from the Dept of Labor that they needed it to stay in business. The Director was worried that at some point that he would have to pay all his clients minimum wage. They are paid by piecework and not really encouraged their clients to work so that many, but not all, clients would come home with $10 to $100 for two weeks of work. For many parents it Is a babysitting service for their adult children. The state pays the Center, they are out of the house all day and they bring home a bit of spending money. Like with some group homes, they are afraid to say anything, especially when there is questionable behaviors from other clients because they don't want their children at home all day and they may be expelled. I set up the SE program and was getting jobs and on the job opportunities for my clients, but the Director was not very interested in what I was doing and eventually I was fired because of a misunderstanding with a client and an employer that was started with OJT and was then employed by that company. I did not protest because I knew that he really didn't like my success and I know this because I hear from those there that they are not doing as well as they were doing. I feel that all people deserve at least minimum wage so they have the dignity of being like everyone else. When I worked with companies, it was always minimum wage at least.


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