Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

Ways to employ people with IDD without using Sub Minimum wage

There are ways to help people with IDD Employement without using Sub minimum wage!


Idea 1. Promote early transition services and planning. Help students with IDD start process or job exploring early like their non disabled peers. Fund programs that get IDD youth jobs while in school like school to work. Spread awareness of such programs get so they offered in more counties.


Idea 2, support self employment and enterprepership.


Idea 3 meet with local and small bussiness to see if they need any skills person looking for work is interested in.


Idea 4, reform benefit policy to make so we not have worry about losing healthcare when we gain more income. Get rid of income caps for support services.


Idea 5, Funding community engagement activities. We should get to work and play.


I hope these helpful.


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