Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

We transitioned from 14(c) Certificates around 30 years ago

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Stride, Inc. was incorporated on November 1st, 1988. Originally started six years earlier as a "sheltered workshop," the goal of the business was to employ people with disabilities and eventually move people from a protected environment into the regular workforce. . She was the general manager of the operation and loved her work but conducting business was frustrating trying to compete in the corporate world as a not-for-profit. She and her husband started questioning, why use government funding? Why not operate a for-profit with a mission of employing people with different needs? Why not integrate them instead of "sheltering" them? They bought the business and started on a grand adventure to do just that. Three months after they purchased the business, Don suddenly died. Barbara found herself needing to carry on their dream alone.

Today, half of Stride's employees are adults with developmental and intellectual delays. Countless others have begun their careers and developed their work skills at Stride and then left to work and become productive citizens in their communities. Admittedly, the workforce is leaner now as a for-profit. By focusing on integrated employment in a for-profit setting, She has been an inspiration to countless people in the business community. Stride's contributions have been applauded by major corporations and public entities.


Although I was not an employee of my mother's company at the time, I recall the transitioning of use of Section 14 (c) certificates as relatively seamless. Pay rates were adjusted at the time and we simply never applied for the use of 14(c) certificates again. There was adjustment for those of our workers who began earning more than their threshold to receive SSDI. We handled those cases individually, several workers chose to leave SSDI entirely, a few others found other employment, with our assistance, and some adjusted their work hours to remain in the threshold.



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