Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

other alternatives for paid employment not always available

Some people do not want to work for sub-minimum wage, have an awareness that they could be earning more, and really would prefer to be competitively employed. those folks should be able to pursue their goals.There are also people who choose to do other kinds of activities during the day that are meaningful to them and don't include paid work. The fact that not everyone chooses doesn't mean that all 14C employment has to be eliminated. There are people who aren't interested in the amount of $$ earned, but choose sheltered employment for social reasons. some of these people have tried to transition to competitive employment and were not successful or disliked their jobs for various reasons. 14C needs to remain as an option, but should not be the only choice offered to anyone. Real choice=satisfaction for a lot of us, with and without disabilities.


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