Experiences transitioning from the use of Section 14(c) certificates

please don't take this away!

As guardian of my sister I have had to make some decisions that parents of 'normal' children don't need to make. But one decision that I have never questioned was sending her to work at her current location. She is paid on her productivity, she receives pay based on an hourly evaluation. She can no longer work all day and needs more supervision. But she gets a paycheck, and can socialize with her friends while at work in a safe, controlled environment. She loves it there. For her, this is the best. She has worked out in the community before and it was just all too much stimulation for her (and a lot of worry for me and her supervising staff). Please don't take away this opportunity for her to be where she is happy and safe and have what makes her happy and feel like she is the best she can be.


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